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In today’s world, a mechanics most important tools are no longer found in their toolbox. Just think, in the 1980’s Top Fuel dragsters made about 2500 hp using a 500 cubic inch ( 8.2 Liter) Aluminum Hemi headed engine, as amazing as this might sound, today this same displacement and very similar looking Hemi headed engines are making over 7000 hp! Why? It is a matter of optimizing all aspects of the engine to improving efficiency. This demands the tools to gather data to understand what is happening inside the engine at the completely and identify opportunities to improve efficiency. Together Tuner Studio and Mega LogViewer bring you the power to capture, view and analyze vehicle data as your engine produces it, then act upon it. These easy to use applications simplify making changes and even offer recommendations and automatic correction using data analytics at a level that is not offered by any other tuning solutions.


Tuner Studio brings a whole new level of refinement for tuning software. Far too long tuners have had to settle for what ever the controller manufacturer provided, far more often than you would think this means a clunky user interface and minimal feature set. Top dollar EFI controllers are no different, the tuning software is typically lacking in feature and refinement, making configuration confusing and overly complex.


“Fuel Injection is as simple or complicated as the tools you use to work with it.”



VE Analyze Live offers:

  • Automatic update to controller – You can either have Tuner Studio produce a recommended table as you drive, or let it acutally send the updates as you drive to continually improve you tune while going down the road.
  • Adjustable Standard Filter – In addition to Tuner Studio filtering data with lack of credibility, you can adjust standard parameters such as RPM, Coolant temp, load, MAP, MAF to match your configuration or preference.
  • Custom Filters – One of the Standard Filters doesn’t cut it for your setup? The custom filter lets you apply free form logical and mathematical formulas to filter nearly any data you desire.
  • Lambda Delay Table – Compensates for delays to your Lambda Sensor readings caused by not just the Lambda sensor itself, but more importantly the time spent flowing through the exhaust pipes under varying conditions.
  • Heat Maps – As you drive you can see how much data has been gathered for all sections of the table and how much the table values have changed.
  • Authority Limits – Allow you to limit the amount of change Tuner Studio can make in a single session to prevent damage if something goes wrong.
  • Full Readouts – Watch the major data elements as Tuner Studio uses them with a gauge cluster and histogram to show just what your engine is doing.

Difference Reporting – No more guessing what you changed in that file, just look at the difference report an see the settings side by side easy to read with the differences highlighted!



  • Compare on connect – As soon as Tuner Studio connects to your controller it will chack to see if you have made any offline changes since you were last connected, present the differences side by side, and let you select which ones you want to keep.
  • Compare loaded Tune to saved one – Instantly see exactly what changed between the tune you have loaded and any other MSQ you may have with a side by side visual view of settings that don’t match.


Additional Tuning Aids – Throughout the Full Edition of Tuner Studio MS you will find additional features and settings to make life simpler while tuning.


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Windows SupportFull Version For Windows XP, Vista, Windows7 & Windows 8

TunerStudio MS version 2.6.04 (Approximately 18.7 MB)                              download

MegaLogViewer MS Version 3.4.04(2.7 MB)                                               download

**MegaLogViewer MS Version 3.4.04 64Bit (2.7 MB)                                  download



Mega Log Viewer – Datalogs Simplified

Power, performance, optimal efficiency; the objectives of almost any tuner, the key to achieving these objectives is in the data produced by your engine. To achieve these objectives you must know what your engine is asking for or it will never run its best. Captured Data logs are where a modern EFI controlled engine asks. But capturing data is only the first step; you then need simple ways to understand what that data means, what your engine is asking for. Being able to easily select, navigate and compare data fields is critical, but there is more. You want to see the whole story, not just at log traces 1 by 1 in a limited way. To get the full picture you need to see how different fields are related and affect one another, how it all ties together. You need the right tools to work with your data. Suddenly that data becomes so much easier to see and understand, you can sort through vast amounts of data in simple comprehensible views, then act on it.


EFI Analytics MegaLogViewer provides tuners the power to view and analyze data in ways not available with other tuning software. If you have used any other software to view datalogs, once you try MegaLogViewer and see how much simpler it make navigating, and how much nicer it works, you will never go back.








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 Full Version MegaLogViewer HD Installation Download

This is where the latest MegaLogViewer HD Stable Release can always be found.

MegaLogViewerHD_setup_v3.4.11.exe – Use this File to install on Windows 3.46 MBytes
MegaLogViewerHD_v3.4.11.tar.gz – Use this File to install on Non-Windows (MAC, Linux, Unix…) 3.23 MBytes