Thomson Supercharger (BEFI)  Blown Electronic Fuel Injection

Our BEFI (Blown Electronic Fuel Injection) was created as a complete custom designed system specifically for our superchargers.  This system eliminates the need of any 3rd party piggyback controller, or stock system manipulations.  The BEFI (Blown Electronic Fuel Injection) provides complete fuel and ignition control,  replacing your stock EFI system, or carburetor  set-up, with no permanent modifications.  

  • BEFI (Blown Electronic Fuel Injection) System Features:
  • – Complete Fuel and Ignition Timing Control
  • – Fuel Delivery – 2 Port Injectors, 1 Shower head Injector
  • – Utilizes evaporative Cooling, eliminating the need for any Inter cooler.
  • – Open or Closed Loop Operation
  • – Live Self Tuning Capabilities
  • – 0-255 KPA 16×16 Fuel Table (Table Switching Option)
  • – 0-255 KPA 12×12 Spark Table (Table Switching Option)
  • – Wideband O2 (Optional) (Dual Wide band O2 capability)
  • – Built in Air Density Correction
  • Tunerstudio Tuning Software (Free Updates)
  • – Data Recording/Examination (Mega Log Viewer) 
  • – Superior Tune-ability  when using Forced Induction
  • – Eliminates the need for Piggyback type tuners
  • – Use to replace OEM Ignition and Injection components on your EFI equipped motorcycle, or update your carburetor  motorcycle to Fuel Injection
  • – Customizable components
  • – Custom Built System to compliment your Thomson Supercharger