• How much power can I expect to gain from a blower?

Installing our blower on a completely stock motorcycle with moderate boost will bring gains of roughly 50-60% HP, and up to 100% TQ in the lower RPM ranges. Using a supercharger, with a small displacement engine can produce similar horsepower and torque to a naturally aspirated larger displacement engine. Using a purpose built large displacement engine with a supercharger………….The sky is the limit. 

  • Can I run the stock engine management system?

You will need to replace your stock system with our custom designed BEFI (Blown Electronic Fuel Injection) system, or a Thundermax GEN3 (Boost Capable) ECU if you are running fuel injection.  Stock components will not allow the proper adjust ability to properly tune your blower system, nor will piggyback tuners.

  • Do I need to modify my engine?

Although we have many recommendations,  engine modifications are not completely necessary.  It comes down to what is the use of the motorcycle? and how much power do you want to make?  What makes our product very unique is the fact that we can custom tailor boost levels and boost rise to a customers specific needs/wants.

  • What finishes are available?

Kits are available in full show polish, or satin finishes.  Chrome and Powder coat finishes are available at an additional cost.

  • Is the blower loud?

Other than belt whine (Blower Whine) our system is extremely quiet.

  • Why is your system not running an intercooler?

Testing has shown that our supercharger actually decreases the Intake air temp substantially when making boost, the more the throttle is opened, the colder it gets. All of our R&D has shown this is due in part to a drastic increase in the thermal efficiency of the blower (due to the rotor design). The other major factor is the blower intake design (velocity/volume), and the way the fuel is delivered to the blower (atomization). The cooling effect is so pronounced that it actually requires a slight increase in ignition timing advance under boost, when earlier designs required a large amount of advance be taken away. This equates to……..MORE POWER.

  • Will a supercharger decrease the life of my engine?

Short answer is yes, a supercharger can cause damage to an engine that would otherwise not occur.  99% of these issues can almost always be attributed to,  improper tuning,  fuel with insufficient octane rating,  incorrect ignition timing,  abuse from the driver, or any combination of the four.  A properly tuned and maintained supercharger system running moderate boost will give you countless trouble free miles,  with little (if any) decrease in overall engine life.

  • How much does the system weigh, and will it effect the balance of my motorcycle?

The complete system weighs 40lbs.  This weight added to the cam side of your motorcycle actually offsets the weight of the primary assembly on the opposing side minimally effecting balance.

  • Can I use a carburetor instead of fuel injection?

Carbureted models can install our supercharger with a carb, or convert to injection by using our BEFI system.  Extensive testing has shown very good performance with the properly sized and jetted carbs,  but Fuel injection by far will increase overall performance, and allow unparallelled tuning when compared to a carb system.